Friday, September 12, 2008

Bits and Pieces

I stumbled across a well-written story on CNN, written by a woman, describing a motorcycle road trip. Imagine that. AND their trip included the Blue Ridge Parkway, which made it very reminiscent of the trip Hubby and I took in late 2007. Even down to the picture of Mabry Mill that accompanied the article. (The one shown here was taken by Hubby.)

Speaking of CNN... some of their headlines kill me. Especially the teaser-type ones they use on their "latest news" list. Like this one: State official resigns over underpants dance. Of course, I had to read the story. Boy, people can sure be stupid.

Post Secret is one of those blogs I read periodically. I even have a Post Secret book. In case you aren't familiar with Post Secret, and even if you are, you should watch this video. I think it was made to promote some appearances by Frank Warren, the guy that came up with the idea. It's an entertaining way to learn more about the Post Secret project, how it came to be, and how big it has become.

Some of the secrets people submit are heartwarming. There are just as many, if not more, that can be heart-wrenching. So read the blog at your own risk. If you have a propensity for depression, avoid it all together.

ToadMama fans who are interested in photography--taking pics, not just looking at them--might be interested in the Digital Photography School Web site I stumbled across. I haven't spent a whole lot of time there, but it seems to be chock full of interesting stuff like Portrait Photography Tips. And not just your average, everyday run-of-the-mill tips everyone likes to share, but cool things like Posing Tips - Waistlines, Thighs and Bustlines. And Give Your Subject Space to Look Into. I'm going to have to set aside a whole day to absorb the info Darren Rowse, the dude behind the Digital Photography School, has chosen to share.

The very last "gem" I'll share is this goofy site I found that sells all kinds of frog stuff (like the lovely Frog Poop pictured). It is The Frog Store.

Need some frog-shaped pasta? They sell it.

Got a hankering for some caramel creme chocolate frogs?

How about frog clothing with the dual purpose of celebrating frogs and telling the world about God? Like this shirt? Or this one?

There's even a Useful Frogs category, which toadally restores my faith in humanity. The site owners know some of their stuff is a bit ridiculous, but also take time to point out USEFUL stuff like: this set of 6 froggy candles, and the CD holder, and this nite lite.

Those who know me can tell you I have my share of tacky froggy stuff. And if I stumbled across some of this stuff in a store, I'd probably buy it. I don't know if I'd go on-line to buy a bunch of frog tchotchkes, though.

I have to admit, there was an interesting dice game on the site. And some fun wallpaper border. I might even buy this doorbell if I thought it would fit on our front door (it amazes me how many people knock instead of ringing the bell).

Happy Friday!

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