Saturday, August 30, 2008

Let There Be Sun

Here in the US, it is Labor Day weekend. Monday is a holiday. Most people don't have to go to work. Unless you work in retail, or a restaurant. In Maryland, if you work in a crab house, of course you'll be working. 'Cause there's just something about eating steamed blue crabs on Labor Day. Which, by the way, is something we never do. Because we're way too cheap. And crabs are expensive.

For Hubby and I, the plan was to hang out at the WV Place and really enjoy the four-day weekend (I had off of work on Friday, too). It is Saturday, or later, as you read this. Assuming this post-scheduling thing really does work.

As I type this (planning ahead so none of my readers go through ToadMama withdrawal), it is Thursday.

As of right now, the weather isn't looking so good.

In fact, as you can see from the handy-dandy image I provided on the left, only two of the four days are supposed to be sunny. Motorcycle riding is no fun in the ran. It is downright dangerous.

Although the chances of precipitation do decrease from 50% on Friday to 10% on Sunday.

Maybe we'll get lucky.

I sure hope so because, remember, we have no Internet. No TV signal either (we have a small TV set we use to watch DVD movies).

We do both love to read and there are plenty of books, but even that gets old. Guess I'd better take some movies along. And my camera. The laptop should come along, too. And more books in case I read the 50 that are already at the cabin.

I hope your weekend is going well!

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