Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Odds and Ends

Sleep Deprivation - I am having one heck of a time sleeping here in Alaska. The further north we get, the longer the days get. Sunrise for today was 4:05 AM. Sunset is 11:57 PM. How weird is that? Well, the first picture below was taken at 10:00 PM last night without a flash.

The next picture was taken at 11:00 PM last night. Again, without a flash.

We were going to do a 12:00 AM photo, but Mike has a cold and went to sleep. I, on the other hand, was up until about 2:00 AM. It didn't look much different outside at midnight. At 2:00, it was slightly darker, but not by much.

Our Travel Cooler - Mike and I have traveled to a variety of places in the Western US over the past 15 years. We almost always have a rental car, so we stop and buy a foam cooler and drinks to stock it with. It is much more convenient than stopping to buy drinks all the time.

Why am I telling you this mundane bit of info and even posting images on my Blog? Well, because we thought you'd find it equally amusing that every time we buy a cooler, no matter what state we are in, we get the same exact cooler. Even weirder, the cooler is manufactured in...

... Baltimore, Maryland. Our hometown. So, whether we're in Arizona, Montana, Washington, South Dakota, Utah, or even Alaska, among other places, our cooler is from Baltimore. Just one odd little bit of travel trivia to entertain you.

Tuesday - It is 10:45 AM here. I have been up for hours. As soon as Mike is finished drinking his coffee and waking up fully, we'll set off to explore. Hopefully I'll have some more-exciting images to post later today.

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  1. Ha! Lifoam (did I spell that right?) is literally right around the corner from my house! I drive by in every day. Fun.

    This week's been crazy so I'm just now catching up on this week's pictures. It's wild that those pictures were taken at night. Are you up late because you can't sleep when it's so light out?


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