Friday, June 6, 2008

Making Connections

We left the Denali National Park area today headed for Anchorage. The vacation is winding down. It has been a wonderful two weeks, but we're both looking forward to getting back home.

We had an extra-special treat today, though. We got to meet-up with Mike's long lost cousin, June, and her two kids, Leah and Mikey. June and her family (her husband wasn't able to join us) live in Willow, a town about an hour or so north of Anchorage. We met in Talkeetna for lunch then went back to June's place and met her incredibly nice landlords, Jerry and Sue. Mike and I really enjoyed the visit.

Before we left, we posed for a quick group photo. The picture was a little blurry, so I Photoshopped it a bit. June said to make sure I tell everyone this is her "rain hair" (it rained today). Leah didn't say anything about her hair, but she probably didn't realize how crazy it looked after Mike playfully mussed it up.

All in all, we've been pretty lucky with the weather during our visit. Even today, although rainy, it was still gorgeous. The blue sky, storm clouds, snow-capped mountains, and white clouds make for some very dramatic photos. Despite the fact that, when we left our cabin today, I told Mike I wasn't going to take any more mountain pictures, I just could not resist. I posted my favorite cloud image of the day below for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. I haven't looked at the other pictures for this post yet, but your favorite cloud of the day shot is pretty cool. The perspective is what makes it - unusual and cool!


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