Sunday, June 1, 2008

Leaving the Coast Behind

Sadly, today is the day we leave Seward and the Alaskan coast behind. It is tough, I have to admit, because I just love it here. We couldn't afford to stay very long, though. Things are ridiculously expensive. A typical lunch in a restaurant is about $30. The regular price for a twelve-pack of canned Pepsi at Safeway is $7.49. A mid-size bag of Fritos that would cost about $2.49 - $2.99 at home is $5.25. Dinners are costly, too. And regular unleaded gas is going for $4.61 per gallon.

But it sure is pretty! All of the pictures from today are just shots I took as Mike and I walked around, killing time before our 6:00 PM train ride back to Anchorage.

I had Mike take a picture of me with several critters located at various spots in the area. And I took a bunch of pictures of the view. The Seward boat harbor is quite picturesque. And they sell really good fish, too.

Seward is by far my favorite Alaskan city so far. Sitka was cute, but tiny. Juneau was just gross. The downtown area, anyway. So far, we've only seen the Anchorage airport and a small slice of the city; we stopped for breakfast at McDonald's, which was very disappointing because they don't serve bagels out here anymore.

We hear Anchorage is just a city. It isn't a destination anyway, just a place we have to get to to go to and from the various vacation spots. We'll spend the night there tonight then will rent a car tomorrow and head north to Denali, where we'll be staying until at least Thursday.

I'll sign off with my favorite (I think) picture of the Seward boat harbor. Internet access will be very iffy after today. If you don't see any updates, that is why.

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